Sydneysiders could soon be wearing Kate Moss’s glad rags

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Toppers - still the number one shop.

Toppers - still the number one shop.

Yes, the top shop (ie Topshop) is coming to Sydney.

Check out this link from this story in the Australian press last week.

Sir Philip Green (Topshop head honcho) isn’t actually opening up a flagship Australian store – items will be stocked through Sydney boutique Incu in the same way they were stocked in Barneys department store in the US before the chain opened there in April this year.

But it’s worth noting this Reuters report, from around the time that Topshop went to America, in which the retailing tycoon named AUSTRALIA, along with India, China, Hong Kong, Brazil and South Africa as other “attractive markets” for Toppers.

Sir Philip has also said the store could have about 15 US stores.

The demand is certainly there for an Australian flagship store.

Not only is this petition doing the rounds, but I’ve noticed that even readers of prestigious Australian VOGUE readers are onto Topshop.

I daresay that given the way things have gone in the past, a flagship store will open in Honkers before Oz.

Whatever the outcome, remember my words from a couple of weeks ago: “you may be able to wear the latest Kate Moss sequined Topshop hot pants down Oxford Street in London without anyone batting a false eyelash.

“You may not be able to do the same thing on its Sydney namesake.”

But I’m sure Sydneysiders will still love having a slice of the number one store in town.

What shoes are you wearing at the moment? This week’s poll

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Banana Republic shoes (well I am from a Banana republic, after all)

Banana Republic shoes (well I am from a Banana republic, after all)

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I’m looking forward to adding a new body con dress to my wardrobe…

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And have picked out this little bewdy from my newest favourite store, Whistles, which I’m sure is going to be the ‘body con of the year’. (I’ve already racked up blue body cons – how did I ever survive without them – from Reiss and French Connection, see below this year). Not only does the  cut on this new one look fab, but long sleeves have been in fashion since… who’s been counting? It’s arrived just in time, too, as Grazia is currently offering 25 per cent off the new Whistles collection.

Have been waiting for about six weeks now to get my mitts on this

French Connection body con - good attire when lounging around on bulls in Brum

French Connection body con (still available)

Reiss body con - not mine, but looks almost as good!

Reiss body con - not mine, but looks almost as good!